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Browns Country Staff Predicts the Season

Robbie Dipaola

Mitchell Lyons:  This year’s Cleveland Browns team will play great defense, run the ball on offense and win the turnover battle or they will not win many games in the 2015 season. This year’s squad does not feature an elite wide receiver or any elite quarterbacks. They are built around defense and ...


2015 Season Preview

Mitchell Lyons

The 2015 National Football League season is finally here. The Browns had a very busy off-season but they finally didn’t make a head coaching change or a change at general manager. Ray Farmer did not trade up for a quarterback, or draft a wide receiver in the first round but they did ...


Why the Browns Need to Avoid a Running Back in Round One

Robbie Dipaola

With the National Football league draft still 73 days away, there is much speculation as to what the Cleveland Browns will do with their 10 total draft picks in the upcoming NFL Draft, including the two first round picks that the Browns own. One thing Cleveland should do; avoid drafting a running ...


It is Never Too Early to Talk About the Draft

Robbie Dipaola

For the Cleveland Browns and their fans, the real season seems to begin AFTER the actual season ends. The time of year between January and May is draft season for the Browns and their loyal fan base. It will be no different this year as the Browns own 10 total draft picks, ...


Who is John DeFilippo?

Robbie Dipaola

News broke late Wednesday morning that the Cleveland Browns had come to terms with John DeFilippo who will be the Browns new offensive coordinator. DeFilippo has spent the last three seasons as the quarterbacks coach for the Oakland Raiders and will be the Browns third offensive coordinator in as many seasons. DeFilippo ...


Browns prevail with a 26-24 win in Atlanta

Robbie Dipaola

It was not Brian Hoyer’s best game, in fact it was probably one of the worst games he has played in a Cleveland Browns uniform, but when it mattered most Hoyer was able to lead the Browns (7-4) on yet another game-winning drive to keep the Browns in the thick of the ...

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